The following rules are hereby effective within the limits of the Filer City Park in the City:
   A.   Maintenance of Property:
      1.   No person shall disfigure or remove any property belonging to the park.
      2.   No person shall fail to cooperate in maintaining restrooms and washrooms in a neat and sanitary manner.
      3.   No person shall place any waste, refuse or foreign matter in the pool or on the park premises. All waste and refuse must be placed in proper receptacles where they are provided; where receptacles are not so provided, all rubbish or waste shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere. (Ord. 323, 5-7-74)
   B.   Hours of Operation: Hours of operation of the park and pool shall be as posted. No unauthorized person shall be in the park or pool area except during the hours posted. (1994 Code)
   C.   Decency Maintained:
      1.   No person shall use the restrooms and washrooms designated for the opposite sex if over the age of five (5) years.
      2.   No person shall dress or undress in any vehicle, toilet or other place, except in the dressing rooms provided for that purpose.
   D.   Picnic Areas, Fires: All persons shall picnic in areas designated for such purposes only. Each person using the area for picnics shall leave the area in a clean manner and shall extinguish any fire and dispose of all trash before leaving the premises. Fires may be built only in specified receptacles.
   E.   Swimming and Bathing: All swimming and bathing shall be in the pool only.
   F.   Pool Area:
      1.   No food or beverages shall be allowed in the pool area.
      2.   No smoking shall be permitted in the pool area.
   G.   Vehicles 1 :
      1.   No person shall drive over the limit of five (5) miles per hour inside the park.
      2.   No trailers shall be parked within the park area.
      3.   No motorcycles or bicycles shall be permitted outside of designated areas within the park. (Ord. 323, 5-7-74)
   H.   Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted in possession upon the park premises or consumed thereon. No beverages in glass containers shall be brought to or consumed in the Filer City Park. (Ord. 323, 5-7-74; amd. Ord. 396, 7-8-83; 1994 Code)
   I.   Animals: No dogs, cats or livestock of any kind shall be permitted on the park grounds. (Ord. 323, 5-7-74)
   J.   Noise Levels: No person shall conduct any activity of any kind within the City Park, including the playing of music, which produces a sound level which exceeds ninety two (92) decibels on the A scale of a general radio company number 1551-B sound level meter, or equivalent, stationed at a distance of not less than twenty feet (20') from the activity producing the sound. (Ord. 353, 9-7-76)



1.See also Section 6-2-17 of this Code.