Sewer Charges
927.01   Tariff; filing with Public Service Commission.
927.02   General rules and regulations.
927.03   Effective date of rates.
927.04   Schedule No. 1; general.
927.05   Schedule No. 2; surcharge formula to be applied in cases where surface drainage is connected to the Town’s sanitary sewer system.
927.06   Schedule No. 3; surcharge formula to be applied in the case of users producing unusual waste.
927.07   Schedule No. 4; industrial waste in certain instances.
927.08   Schedule No. 5; wastewater and leachate haulers.
927.09   Sewer impact/capital improvement fees.
Review of rates by Public Service Commission - see W. Va. Code  24-2-4(b)
Deposit limitations - see W. Va. Code 24-3-8
Sewer regulations - see S.U. & P.S. Art. 925