(A)   Application by the owner of a vacant structure for a Vacant Structure Certificate shall be made on a form provided by the city. The application shall include a "statement of intent" which will set forth information as to:
      (1)   The expected period of vacancy (including the date of initial vacancy);
      (2)   The plan for regular maintenance during the vacancy to comply with the vacant structure maintenance standards of this subsection and all of the applicable property maintenance, building and nuisance codes of the city;
      (3)   A plan and timeline for the lawful occupancy, rehabilitation, removal or demolition of the structure;
      (4)   Measures to be taken to ensure that the structure will be kept weather tight and secure from trespassers and that it will be safe for entry by police officers, firefighters and code or building inspectors in time of exigent circumstances or emergency as well as at times of reasonable inspection as provided in § 97.06 below;
      (5)   Measures to be taken to assure that the premises remain free from nuisance conditions and in good order in conformance with the vacant structure maintenance standards; and
      (6)   List all persons authorized to be present in the structure and provide notices of trespass to the police authorizing the arrest for trespass of individuals not on the list. (The owner shall update the authorized person list as needed).
   (B)   No Vacant Structure Registration Certificate shall be effective for more than six months from the date of issuance. Upon a showing of demonstrated need, up to two six-month renewals may be granted by the City Manager. Renewals beyond 18 months may be granted by the City Manager upon showing of extraordinary need and circumstances.
(Ord. 1077, passed 11-15-21; Am. Ord. 1093, passed 10-3-22)