(A)   The city shall expend the tax collected pursuant to this section solely to promote tourism and conventions within the city, and otherwise to attract nonresident, overnight visitors to the city, and no tax collected pursuant to this chapter shall be used to advertise for or otherwise to promote new competition in the hotel business within the city.
   (B)   (1)   The city has determined that hotel/motel funds shall be awarded to various organizations to promote tourism within the community.
      (2)   A maximum contribution awarded from the hotel/motel fund shall not exceed 50% of the account balance.
      (3)   Any organization shall be limited to one request per event/occasion for funding from the account within 365 days.
(Ord. 771, passed 8-5-02; Am. Ord. 977A, passed 4-17-17; Am. Ord. 1012, passed 9-17-18)