(A)   Odd, even numbering. Address numbers shall be even on the right side of the street and odd on the left side of the street as one faces east or west from Main Street or north or south from Market Street. One hundred numbers shall be assigned to each identified grid block, with the lowest number beginning at a point nearest the grid centerline. Address numbers shall be determined by the number grid in which the property is located. Typical block numbering system using 1200 block west of Main Street with a new number every 40 feet.
South side (left)
North side (right)
South side (left)
North side (right)
   (B)   Diagonal and curving streets. Diagonal streets which run 45 degrees or less from a north/south line will be numbered by the north/south grid and those more than 45 degrees from the north/south line will be numbered by the east/west grid. Curving streets will be assigned numbers based upon the grid of their greatest length. For instance, if the beginning is more south than west of the end, then the north/south grid will be used.
   (C)   Loop streets and cul-de-sac. On loop streets and cul-de-sac streets, address numbering shall begin at the entrance nearest the grid centerline and increase to the opposite end as if the street were in a straight line. Block number changes will be made every 330 feet with odd and even numbers remaining on the same side of the street as they began.
   (D)   Apartments.
      (1)   Apartment buildings on public streets or private drives shall be assigned individual addresses. Apartments clustered about a central parking area immediately facing a public street shall also be assigned separate street addresses.
      (2)   When apartments are arranged along a private street, addresses can be assigned from this private street. A sign showing the apartment complex name, with the street address below it, must be posted at the entrance. In these instances a central postal facility for all apartments must be located so it is readily accessible to a mail carrier from the public street serving the complex.
      (3)   Each apartment must be identified on the exterior entrance by number or building letter and number for multiple buildings. The numbers shalt be in sequence: 1, 2, 3, etc. Apartments in lettered buildings shall have the building letter as part of each apartment number, such as B-210. When units are on multiple floors, ground floor numbers shall be in the 100 series (101, 102, 103), second floor in the 200 series (201, 202, 203), etc. If a common hallway is used for several apartments, the external hallway entrance to each apartment shall contain a list of the apartments served. When addressing townhouses and other buildings containing units separately owned, each address shall be placed on the principal external entryway to the unit.
      (4)   The official address for each apartment shall be the building address followed by the apartment number, for example, “329 Park Street, Apt. 8". Addresses for units in apartment buildings not on a public street shall include the public street address and the building number with the apartment designation. The official address for each apartment will be the public street address followed by the building letter, a dash, and the apartment number, for example, “329 Park Street, Apt. C-104.”
   (E)   Mobile home parks.
      (1)   When trailers are arranged along a private street within mobile home parks, each private street within the mobile home park shall be named and a sign, as required by this subchapter for other private streets, shall be erected on each private street within the mobile home park.
      (2)   Each mobile home on such private street shall then be identified in numerical sequence as determined by calculation within the grid box. The number shall be placed in a conspicuous place on that part of the trailer closest to the street, and all mobile homes within the park shall be marked in the same location of the trailer. Address numbers shall be a minimum of three inches high with block letters and shall be visible from the street.
(Ord. 811, passed 1-24-05)