(A)   Street. For the purposes of this subchapter, the words “street,” “avenue,” or “road” shall mean all roadways, public and private, open for general public travel. Access drives to apartment and commercial complexes shall not be considered as streets and shall not be named as such.
   (B)   Cul-de-sac. Cul-de-sac streets which have only one entrance/exit shall not be called “avenue” or “street,” but shall have a suffix name such as “lane,” “place” or “terrace” to indicate their dead-end nature.
   (C)   Loop streets. Loop streets are circular or rectangular streets which begin at one point and end at another point along a common street and do not connect to any other streets. The street name suffixes on these streets must not be “street”, “avenue,” or “road” but shall be “loop,” “circle,” “court” or other name indicating a closed street layout.
   (D)   Street name index. An official street name index shall be maintained, which shall list every named street on the map with an alphanumeric reference to assist users in locating streets on the map.
(Ord. 811, passed 1-24-05)