Chap. 703.  Dance Halls and Public Dances.
Chap. 705.  Motels and Hotels.
Chap. 706.  Hotel and Motel Tax.
Chap. 707.  Apartment Buildings.
Chap. 708.  Rental Dwelling License.
Chap. 709.  Outdoor Public Shows.
Chap. 713.  Solicitors.
Chap. 717.  Street Sales.
Chap. 721.  Taxicabs.
Chap. 723.  Employment of Scavengers.
Chap. 729.  Motion Pictures and Films.
Chap. 731.  Amusement Devices and Game Rooms.
Chap. 733.  Community Antenna Television.
Chap. 734.  Cable Regulatory Staff.
Chap. 735.  Newspaper Dispensing Devices and Vending Machines.
Chap. 737.  Home Sales.
Chap. 741.  Lawn Chemical Applicators.
Chap. 742.  Registration of Users of Pesticides for Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, Plants.  (Repealed)
Chap. 743.  Environmental Preservation:  Environmentally Acceptable Packaging.
Chap. 745.  Paint Removal and Power Assisted Spraying.
Chap. 749.  Disposal of Lead-Acid Batteries.
Chap. 751.  Massage Establishments.
Chap. 753.  Adult Entertainment Businesses.
Chap. 755.  Tattoo Operations and Dermagraphic Art Studios.