(A)   (1)   Except as set forth in § 91.25 a vehicle to be towed or otherwise removed because it has been abandoned or declared to be a nuisance vehicle shall be towed only after notice to the owner or person entitled to possession of the vehicle. In those instances, notice shall be given by affixing on the windshield or some other conspicuous place on the vehicle a notice indicating that the vehicle will be removed by the town on a specified date, no sooner than 7 days after the notice is affixed, unless the vehicle is moved by the owner or legal possessor prior to this time.
      (2)   With respect to abandoned vehicles on private property and nuisance vehicles, if the owner or person entitled to possession does not remove the vehicle but chooses to appeal the determination that the vehicle is abandoned or a nuisance vehicle, the appeal shall be made to the Board of Commissioners in writing, heard at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board, and further proceedings to remove the vehicle shall be stayed until the appeal is heard and decided.
(1988 Code, § 15-26)
   (B)   (1)   The requirement that notice be affixed to an abandoned or nuisance vehicle at least 7 days prior to removal may, as determined by the authorizing officer, be omitted in those circumstances where there is a special need for prompt action to eliminate traffic obstructions or to otherwise maintain and protect the public safety and welfare.
      (2)   For vehicles left on the public streets and highways, circumstances include, and the Board of  Commissioners hereby determines that immediate removal of those vehicles is warranted when they are:
         (a)   Obstructing traffic;
         (b)   Parked at the designated places identified in Chapter 73;
         (c)   Parked in a no stopping or standing zone;
         (d)   Parked in loading zones; or
         (e)   Parked in bus zones.
      (3)   With respect to abandoned or nuisance vehicles left on town owned property other than streets and highways, and on private property, vehicles may be removed without giving the minimum 7 days’ prior notice only in those circumstances where the authorizing official finds and enters findings in appropriate daily records a special need for prompt action to protect and maintain the public health, safety and welfare. By way of illustration but not limitation, circumstances include vehicles blocking or obstructing ingress or egress to businesses and residences, vehicles parked in a location or manner as to pose a traffic hazard, and vehicles causing damage to public or private property.
(1988 Code, § 15-27)