(a)   Pursuant to Section 12.03 of the City Charter, the Park and Recreation Board has promulgated the following rules and regulations for all City parks, which have been duly approved by City Council. All the following rules and regulations are subject to exception for City-sponsored events and activities:
      (1)   All City parks open at sunrise and shall be vacated by 10:00 p.m.
      (2)   No vehicle of any type, other than wheelchairs, shall be permitted on any sidewalk or boardwalk or at any other location within any City park, except as provided below:
         A.   Motor vehicles are permitted only on driveways and parking lots.
         B.   Bicycles, or any other humanly-propelled apparatus (such as tricycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc.) may be operated only in appropriate areas such as sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas.
         C.   No person shall operate or ride any bicycle or other apparatus so as to interfere with the safe use and enjoyment of the park by others.
         D.   Boardwalks shall be used solely by pedestrians (no bicycles or other apparatus).
         E.   No commercial trucks or trailers shall be permitted in any City park parking lot.
         F.   City authorized vehicles are permitted to operate in the parks as may be necessary.
      (3)   No person shall intentionally injure, kill, or remove any animals or wildlife.
         A.   Fishing is permitted as long as it is in compliance with Ohio law and does not interfere with the safe and reasonable use of the park by any other person.
      (4)   No person shall destroy or remove any tree, flower, shrub, plant, or any part thereof.
      (5)   No person shall climb, walk, stand, or play upon any monument, railing, fence, or building.
      (6)   No person shall swim, wade, or play in any body of water within any City park.
      (7)   No person shall possess, use, or be under the influence of, alcohol and/or illegal drugs.
      (8)   Pets/Animals may be brought to City parks only under the following conditions:
         A.   All animals must be on a leash or similar device.
         B.   All animals must be under the reasonable control of their owner or keeper at all times.
         C.   Pet owners are responsible to clean up after their pet.
         D.   Damage to park property caused by an animal shall be repaired at the expense of the owner of such animal.
         E.   Animals/pets are not permitted in or around play structures, play areas, or buildings.
      (9)   No person shall litter. All trash and rubbish must be placed into an appropriate trash receptacle.
      (10)   No person shall smoke, or vape or use e-cigarettes or the like, in or around any building, shelter facility, or play area in any City park.
      (11)   No person shall possess or discharge fireworks or explosives of any kind.
      (12)   No person shall play golf or make use of golf equipment.
      (13)   No person shall post any sign in any City park without prior authorization from the City.
      (14)   No person shall sell or offer for sale any goods or services.
      (15)   No person shall sponsor or engage in any organized tournament or league sporting event in any City park without prior City approval.
      (16)   No person shall draw, exhibit, or brandish a firearm, a replica firearm, or facsimile firearm, in a rude, angry, or threatening manner, with the intent to frighten, harass, or annoy any other persons.
      (17)   No person, other than law enforcement officers, shall possess, carry, or convey firearms of any description in the Learning Resource Center located in Griffiths/Fort Island Park.
      (18)   No person shall discharge or fire any firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordnance in City parks.
      (19)   No person shall make use of BB guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, sling shots, bows and arrows, crossbows, or the like in any City park.
      (20)   No grills or cooking devices may be brought into any City park.
      (21)   Inflatable amusement devices, carnival games, and mechanical devices requiring a power source such as an electrical connection, generator, or battery are not permitted in any City park.
(Ord. 1999-037.  Passed 4-5-99; Ord. 2006-059.  Passed 8-14-06; Ord. 2015-050.  Passed 7-13-15; Ord. 2016-079.  Passed 10-17-16.)