(A)   Each emergency ordinance or resolution shall determine that the ordinance or resolution is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety or welfare, or for the urgent benefit or protection of the City or its inhabitants, whether individuals or other entities, and shall contain a statement of the necessity for the emergency in the body of the ordinance or resolution.
   (B)   Ordinances and resolutions for any of the following purposes shall not be enacted as emergency measure:
(1)   Granting, renewing or extending a franchise;
(2)   Establishing rates to be charged for services by investor owned public utilities or public utilities owned or operated by the City; and
(3)   The enactment, amendment or repeal of any ordinance or resolution: establishing, amending, revising, changing or repealing zoning classifications, districts, uses or regulations or codes regulating structural standards for the construction, alteration or improvement of buildings and other structures; or eliminating or modifying specific provisions of the civil service laws of Ohio and substituting local provisions or procedures in lieu of the specific provisions of those laws.