Plans and supporting data to verify storage volumes, release rates, etc., shall be submitted. The submission shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
   (a)    A plan, which may be the Improvement Plan, Drainage and Grading Plan, or similar plan at a scale of 1" - 100' or larger, shall be submitted and contain at least the following information:
      (1)    The outline and designation of the drainage area(s).
      (2)    All existing and proposed drainage facilities.
      (3)    Existing and proposed contours.
      (4)    Existing structures.
      (5)    The detention/retention basin with outlet structures.
      (6)    Pertinent elevations (e.g. water surface, flowline of flow control devices, etc.)
      (7)    A recommendation from a soils engineer for the foundation and design of the embankment to be used for the retention/detention basin.
      (8)    Any other information required by the City to clarify intent or design features.
   (b)    All calculations and other supporting data in sufficient detail and form to facilitate an expedient and accurate review.
      (Ord. 25-14.  Passed 4-14-14.)