1182.01   GENERAL.
   (a)   Definitions. 
      (1)   "Stormwater management" refers to the collection, safe conveyance and storage of excess storm runoff on a development or redevelopment site that involves use of a single or multiple stormwater management facility(ies) to capture, temporarily store and treat runoff with gradual release of the stored runoff at an acceptable flow rate into the downstream  conveyance system. Stormwater management facilities include, but are not limited to, detention basins and retention basins.
      (2)   "Detention basins" are normally dry surface areas created by constructing an excavated or embankment basin which detains stormwater during rain events.
      (3)    "Retention basins" are permanent ponds where additional storage capacity during rain events is provided above the normal water level.
   (b)    Stormwater Management General Requirements.
      (1)    Quantitative control. Detention/retention of storm water will be required for each subdivision or land development and redevelopment unless specifically exempted.
      (2)    Qualitative control. Stormwater quality control shall be implemented into sites within developing and redeveloping areas in accordance with general and specific requirements outlined in the latest edition of the Ohio EPA General (NPDES) Permit for Stormwater Discharges associated with construction activity (See Part IIIG2E of the Ohio EPA's NPDES Permit (Permit No. OHC000004, or latest edition).
         (Ord. 25-14.  Passed 4-14-14.)