(a)   Application for Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy. Applications for building permits or zoning certificates, together with plans and specifications for the manufacture or processing of materials listed in subsection (b) hereof, and of such other uses which may be of similar character, in the opinion of the Building Inspector, shall be referred by him to the Planning Commission. The Commission, in cases where indicated, shall cause such plans and specifications to be examined by competent specialist or laboratory in the manner prescribed in Section 1181.02.
   (b)   Uses Subject to Review. The following uses shall be subject to such performance standard review:
(1)   Manufacturing. Involving primary production of the following products from raw materials: asphalt, cement, charcoal and fuel briquettes; aniline dyes, ammonia, carbide, caustic soda, cellulose, chlorine, carbon black and bone black, creosote, hydrogen and oxygen, industrial alcohol, nitrates of explosive nature, potash, plastic materials and synthetic resins, pyroxylin, rayon yarn and hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, picric and sulphuric acids; coal, coke, and tar products; explosives, fertilizers, gelatin, animal glue and size; gas manufacturing, unless incidental to a principal use; turpentine, matches, rubber, soaps, fat rendering.
(2)   Processing. Involving the following: nitration of cotton or other materials; magnesium foundry, reduction, refining, smelting of metal or metal ores; refining of petroleum products, such as gasoline, kerosene, naptha, curing or tanning of raw, green or salted hides or skins; melting and alloying of metals; stockyards, slaughter houses, except for poultry; slag piles, storage of fireworks or explosives, except where incidental to a permitted principal use.
   (c)   Continual Compliance. Any use authorized under the provisions of this chapter shall comply continually therewith and shall remedy any additional dangerous or objectionable elements which may develop in the course of its operation.
   (d)   Costs of Review. The applicant shall bear the actual costs of all tests and investigations required under this section, which shall be in addition to the usual fees prescribed by the Zoning Ordinance. (Ord. 94-84. Passed 7-9-84.)