(a)   Dwelling. Dwellings and residences of any kind; trailer parks, schools, hospitals, clinics and other institutions for human care, except where incidental to a permitted principal use; provided, however, that any of the aforesaid uses legally existing in the M-1 District at the time of the adoption of the Zoning Ordinance or any amendment thereto, shall not be classified as a nonconforming use as defined in Section 1133.01(a)(64) and shall not be subject to the provisions of Chapter 1198.
   (b)   Offensive Uses. No use shall be permitted or authorized to be established or maintained which, when conducted under adequate conditions and safeguards, in compliance with the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and any additional conditions or requirements prescribed by the Planning Commission is, or may become, hazardous, noxious or offensive due to the emission of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas, fumes, noise, vibration, beat frequency, refuse matter or water carried waste.
(Ord. 114-19.  Passed 12-2-19.)