(a)   Business in Enclosed Buildings.  All businesses, services or processing shall be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building except for off-street parking and such incidental outdoor display or storage of vehicles, merchandise, materials and equipment as does not exceed five percent (5%) of the gross floor area of the principal permitted structure upon the lot or 5,000 square feet, whichever is less.  The maximum height permitted is four feet measured from grade to top of display.  The display must not interfere with any pedestrian or vehicular sight distance upon the site or any public thoroughfare.  Automobile and other motor vehicle sales, boat sales, outdoor recreation, recreational vehicle sales, manufactured housing sales, construction and farm equipment sales and rental, nursery sales and lumber sales in side and year yards only are excluded from the requirements of this subsection.  The Planning Commission may authorize other incidental outdoor display or storage which it determines to be similar to or not more objectionable than those uses already excluded from the requirements of this subsection. 
(Ord. 154-96.  Passed 10-15-96.)
   (b)   Production for Sale at Retail.  All products produced on the premises, whether primary or incidental, shall be sold at retail primarily on the premises where produced.
   (c)   Nonobjectionable Uses.  Processes and equipment employed and goods processed or sold shall be limited to those which are not objectionable by any reason of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas, fumes, noise, vibration, refuse matter or water carried waste.
   (d)   New Merchandise.  Goods for sale shall consist primarily of new merchandise.
(Ord. 94-84.  Passed 7-9-84.)
   (e)   Maximum Use Size.  Retail and service uses, except commercial and noncommercial recreational facilities are limited to a maximum of 5,000 square feet of gross floor area.
   (f)   Design Requirements.  New structures and existing structures that undergo any change, reconstruction, structural alteration, remodeling or major repair respecting at least thirty-three percent (33%) of the visible exterior.
      (1)   Facade design.
         A.   Shall incorporate at least fifty percent (50%) brick or stone on any facade facing a public roadway; and
         B.   Shall not use metal siding or concrete block as the exterior finish material on any facade that is visible from a public roadway; and
         C.   Shall display natural colors, except that bright primary colors may only be used for accent or trim purposes.
      (2)   Parking area.
         A.   Shall be effectively screened from any street or public roadway by a minimum five (5) foot wide landscaped area adjoining all streets and rights-of-way, which shall contain a continuous row of shrubs at least twenty-four (24) inches tall at the time of planting and be opaque in winter and summer; and
         B.   Shall incorporate in the interior portion of the parking area, landscaped areas equal to or exceeding five percent (5%) of the paved area, which shall consist of a combination of shrubs, flowers, trees or grass.
      (3)   The provisions of these design requirements are not intended to prevent the installation of materials not specifically prohibited or to prohibit any design or method of construction, provided that such alternate has been approved by the Planning Commission.  Any alternate material, design or method of construction may be approved where the Planning Commission finds that the proposed materials and design are consistent with the principles of preserving the architectural character, landscape character and property values of the surrounding area.
         (Ord.  56-20.  Passed 7-27-20.)