The following uses shall be permitted only if expressly authorized by the Planning Commission.
(a)   General.  All conditional uses permitted and as regulated in the R-1 District except as modified herein.
(b)   Restaurant.  Restaurants as defined in Section 1133.01(70.1).
(c)   Clinic.
(d)   Retail and Service.  Any retail business or service establishment not a principal permitted use and which is determined by the Commission to be of the same general character as one of the principal permitted uses; but not including those uses which are first permitted, or are not permitted, in the C-3 District, unless demonstrated as necessary for normal day-to-day needs.
(e)   Institutional.  Schools and colleges for academic instruction, churches, and church schools.
(f)   Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Facility.
(g)   Fruit and Vegetable Stores. 
(h)   Wind Turbines.  An alternative energy device designed to harness the natural wind currents to produce energy.
   (Ord. 94-16. Passed 10-24-16.)