(a)   Start of Construction Prohibited Without Zoning Certificate. No owner, lessee, tenant or person shall begin any excavation or the construction, reconstruction, extension, conversion or structural alteration of any building or structure, or any part thereof, without first obtaining a zoning certificate, which may be a part of the building permit, from the Building Inspector or Development Services Director.
(Ord. 135-03. Passed 8-25-03.)
   (b)   Excavating Permit. No permit for excavation or construction shall be issued by the Building Inspector, unless the plans, specifications and the intended use conform to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.
   (c)   Changes in Use of Buildings or Land. No person shall establish or alter the use of land or structures without first obtaining a zoning certificate under this chapter.
(Ord. 94-84. Passed 7-9-84.)