10.16.010   Definitions
   10.16.020   Applicability; construction
   10.16.030   Provisions not exclusive
   10.16.040   Findings; nuisance declared
   10.16.050   Administration and enforcement authority
   10.16.060   Vehicle removal franchise
   10.16.070   Abatement; procedure generally
   10.16.080   Notice of intention to abate
   10.16.090   Request for hearing
   10.16.100   Hearing procedure
   10.16.110   Appeal
   10.16.120   Vehicle removal and disposal
   10.16.130   Notice given to the Department of Motor Vehicles and to the Department of Justice identifying the vehicle
   10.16.140   Administrative costs
   10.16.150   Assessment of costs against land
   10.16.160   Abandonment prohibited
   10.16.170   Abandonment; presumption
   10.16.180   Violation; misdemeanor
Editor’s Note:
The Uniform Traffic Ordinance as adopted in § 10.04.010 of this title was amended by adoption of Article XVIII (§§ 18.1 through 18.15), which is codified in this chapter.  The legislative history note following each section of this chapter identifies, in brackets, the number of the U.T.O. section from which it is derived.