§ 8.36.090 SUBDIVISIONS.
   A subdivider or an applicant for any development permit under Title 17 need not obtain a separate tree removal permit to alter or remove a tree designated as "To Be Removed" on an approved subdivision map (tentative map or parcel map) or other development plan, provided that the tree alteration or removal and a Tree Protection Plan have been reviewed and approved by the decision-making body for the subdivision map or development plan based on the criteria in § 8.36.060(B) and § 8.36.080 of this chapter. The subdivision map or other development plans required by this code shall clearly designate type, size, and location of any tree upon the property that is to be altered or removed. The decision-making body may also require the applicant to submit a report by a Qualified Arborist as provided in § 8.36.060(A).
(Ord. 743, passed 7-1-2009; Am. Ord. 822, passed 11-7-2018)