(A)   In order to protect trees during construction of a project, and to maximize chances for their subsequent survival, a Tree Protection Plan (hereafter TPP) shall be required for all applications for a tentative map, use permit, variance, design review, encroachment permit, or building permit where proposed construction would be located near any tree for which a tree alteration or removal permit would be required by the provisions of this chapter, whether on the subject property or an adjoining property.
   (B)   The TPP shall be prepared by a Qualified Arborist. The TPP shall include:
      (1)   The size, species, state of health, structural condition, crown diameter, and accurate trunk location and architectural structure of all trees within, and directly adjacent to, the proposed development are, including any area where trenching is proposed, whether on the subject property or on adjoining property; and
      (2)   A description of all proposed measures to ensure the survival of remaining trees throughout the entire development process.
(Ord. 743, passed 7-1-2009)