1128.31   WALL MURALS.
   (a)   Wall murals shall not be permitted on the front façade of a building.
   (b)   A wall mural shall not cover, destroy, or materially alter a distinctive architectural or historic feature of a building or structure.
   (c)   Wall murals may be illuminated with up or down lighting.  No glare shall be observed from neighboring properties or the public right-of-way.
   (d)   Wall murals shall be kept in good repair and free of vandalism.
   (e)   An application for a wall mural shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator including the following as a minimum:
      (1)   A color rendering or digital image of the proposed mural including wall location.
      (2)   A description of the materials to be used.
      (3)   Written permission from the owner of the building or structure where the mural is to be located.
      (4)   Any other information the Zoning Administrator deems necessary to review and evaluate the request.
         (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)