1128.28   SOLAR PANELS.
   (a)   Solar panels are permitted as an accessory use in all districts to promote clean, sustainable and renewable energy resources.  The intent of these regulations is to establish general guidelines for the location of solar panels and solar collection systems to prevent off-site nuisances including unreasonable visual interference, light glare and heat that the incorrect placement of solar panels or solar collection systems may create such that they may have a negative effect on surrounding property values. 
   (b)   No solar panel or solar collection system shall be constructed, erected, installed or located proper approval has been obtained pursuant to this Section.
   (c)   Requirements and Regulations.  Solar panels or solar collection systems shall conform to or be evaluated for compliance with the following standards:
      (1)   The proposed system is no larger than necessary to provide 120 percent of the electrical energy requirements of the structure to which it is accessory to as determined by a contractor licensed to install solar and photovoltaic energy systems.
      (2)   If roof mounted, the solar or photovoltaic system shall:
         A.   Be flush mounted on the roof unless good cause is shown by the applicant that the solar panel is not at an appropriate angle to obtain maximum sun exposure if mounted flush to the roof.
         B.   Be located in the most inconspicuous location on the roof so as not to be seen from the street, if possible, and still be able to function as designed.
         C.   Not extend higher than the peak of a sloped roof or higher than 5 feet from the top of a flat roof.
      (3)   If freestanding, the solar or photovoltaic system shall:
         A.   Not extend more than 10 feet above the existing grade in residential districts.  In all other districts, the maximum height of a solar or photovoltaic system will be determined on a case by case basis upon plan review.
         B.   Not be located in the front yard.
         C.   Not be located in any required side or rear yard setback areas for accessory uses.
         D.   Not be positioned so as to reflect sunlight onto neighboring property, public streets or sidewalks, including on any neighboring structures.
         E.   Be landscaped at the base and the back of the panel structure if structure is visible from neighboring property.
      (4)   All signs, both temporary and permanent, are prohibited on solar panel or solar collection systems, except as follows:
         A.   Manufacturer's or installer's identification information on the system.
         B.   Appropriate warning signs and placards.
      (5)   Solar panel or solar collection systems shall comply with all applicable sections of the City of Fairborn Building Code and applicable industry standards such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or an equivalent third party.
      (6)   All electrical wires and connections on freestanding solar or photovoltaic collection system shall be located underground.
   (d)   Utility Connection.  Solar panels or solar collection systems proposed to be connected to the local utility power grid through net metering shall adhere to Ohio Revised Code Section 4928.67 or any future corresponding statutory provision.
   (e)   Maintenance:  All solar panel or solar collection systems shall be maintained in good working order.
   (f)   Procedure for Review. The review and approval of solar panels or a solar collection system shall comply with the following requirements:
(1)   Plan Review. A plan shall be submitted for review for freestanding solar panel or solar collection systems.  The following items shall be the minimum requirements to be considered a complete application and shall include the following:
         A.   Property lines and physical dimensions of the applicant's property.
         B.   Location, dimensions and types of existing structures on the subject property and on properties directly contiguous to the subject property.
         C.   Location of the proposed solar panel or solar collection system, and associated equipment.
         D.   System specifications, including manufacturer, model, kilowatt size.
         E.   Documentation shall be provided regarding the notification of the intent with the utility regarding the applicant's installation if the system will be connected to the power grid.
         F.   Electrical components in sufficient detail to allow for a determination that the manner of installation conforms to the National Electrical Code (typically provided by the manufacturer).
         G.   Compliance with all development standards as outlined in this Section.
      (2)   Zoning Compliance.  A Zoning Certificate of Compliance must be obtained in accordance with this Zoning Code.
      (3)   Building Permit.  A Building Permit must be obtained from the City, as directed by the Zoning Administrator.
         (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)