Drive-in restaurants and drive-through businesses are permitted in the GC and LI and conditionally permitted in the DC, NC, CC zoning districts, provided:
   (a)   Minimum site size is one-half acre, with frontage of one 100 feet;
   (b)   Drive-through automobile storage lanes meet the greater requirement of:
      (1)   The same setback requirements as are imposed on principal structures, or
      (2)   Thirty-five feet from the nearest existing or dwelling unit;
   (c)   A six foot high screening fence may be required to separate the subject zoning lot from abutting residential properties;
   (d)   Only one business is served by the drive-through window, drive storage lane;
   (e)   The storage area for waiting cars is at least one-third the gross square footage of the business to be served;
   (f)   There is an acceptable relationship to the abutting thoroughfare and an adequate on-site circulation pattern.
      (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)