1128.26   FOOD TRUCKS.
   (a)   Food Trucks may only be located on a lot with a principally permitted use on the same zoning lot, and are conditionally permitted in an PO, NCTR, DC, NC, CC, GC or LI zoning district provided the following conditions can be met:
   (b)   Food trucks may not conduct sales when parked on a public street unless approved for a City sponsored event or between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.
   (c)   The food truck must be licensed by the Greene County Health Department and have a valid business license for food truck operations.
   (d)   A minimum one-half acre lot is required.
      (1)   A maximum of 2 food trucks on lots a one-half acre to one acre in size.
      (2)   A maximum of 4 food trucks on lots greater than one acre.
   (e)   Temporary outdoor seating is only permitted upon review and approval of the Zoning Administrator.
   (f)   Food trucks shall not block any ingress/egress or vehicular circulation in a parking lot, loading/unloading area or building entrance.
   (g)   Food trucks shall not block any fire hydrant or fire lane.
   (h)   Food truck operations shall be limited to the operating hours of the primary business on the lot.
   (i)   Food truck operations shall be located a minimum of 100 feet from a residential dwelling.
   (j)   No audio speakers or on-site/off-site freestanding signage shall be permitted other than what is displayed on the food truck.
   (k)   Grease, liquid waste and garbage shall not be disposed of on-site.
   (l)   Food trucks shall be subject to the all other applicable City and County Ordinances related to food operation.
(Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)