(a)   The agency operating a residential care or congregate residential facility shall have at least two qualified houseparent's or supervisors for each residential home and shall maintain 24-hour supervision at all times.  The operating agency shall provide social work, psychological and medical services as required.
   (b)   The Zoning Administrator will review the residential home site selection and development according to the following required performance criteria:
      (1)   No facility hereof shall be permitted within 1,500 feet of another facility herein defined.
      (2)   The residential home shall provide not less than twenty-five square feet per person of suitable indoor recreation area and not less than 200 square feet of outdoor open space per person consolidated in a useful configuration and location provided on the site.
      (3)   Every room occupied for sleeping purposes within the residential home shall contain a minimum of eighty square feet of habitable room area for one occupant, and when occupied by more than one shall contain at least sixty square feet of habitable room area for each occupant.
      (4)   A site plan for the proposed home shall be submitted for a review of the recreation and open space requirements and such landscaping and fencing as may be appropriate for this site.
   (c)   The operator or agency applying for an occupancy permit to operate a residential home shall provide to the Planning Board, for review and approval, a plan which documents the need for the home in relationship to the specific clientele service; which identifies the location of similar type homes existing in Greene County.  The plan will be maintained by the Planning Board and used as a reference document to review future permit applications by the operator or agency.
   (d)   The operator or agency applying for an occupancy permit to operate a residential home shall provide to the Planning Board the following:
      (1)   A license or statement of need for a license from the applicable governmental unit which may include:  Greene County, the State of Ohio, the Federal Government or other political subdivisions.  Prior to the issuance of a final certificate of occupancy, the operator or agency shall provide evidence that a valid license has been or will be issued.
      (2)   Submit the sponsoring agency's operational and occupancy standards.
      (3)   Submit such documentation which indicates the supervisory responsibility of the sponsoring agency and the residential home operator.
   (e)   The occupancy permit issued for a residential home shall be limited to the operator to whom it is originally issued and is not transferable to a subsequent operator.
   (f)   The Planning Board may issue a temporary conditional use permit for a period of one year.  At the completion of the one year time period, the residential home operation shall be reviewed by the Planning Board.  The Planning Board may grant a permanent conditional use or deny the conditional use.
   (g)   A conditional use permit applies only to that specific type of residential home as indicated in the approving legislation duly passed by Council.
(Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)