(a)   Architectural Projections. The height regulations as prescribed in this Zoning Code shall not apply to the following named structures or other structures that project in the air, except where the height of such structures will constitute a hazard to the safe landing and takeoff of military, public and commercial aircraft:
      (1)   Church spires;
      (2)   Belfries;
      (3)   Monuments;
      (4)   Tanks;
      (5)   Water towers;
      (6)   Fire towers;
      (7)   Stage towers or scenery lofts;
      (8)   Cooling towers;
      (9)   Ornamental towers and spires;
      (10)   Chimneys;
      (11)   Elevator bulkheads;
      (12)   Smoke stacks;
      (13)   Conveyors; and/or
      (14)   Flag poles.
   (b)   Aviation Hazards.  Where a structure, because of its height constitutes a hazard to aviation, and is within the flight path of the runways of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the property owner shall consult with and seek necessary permits from the Administrator of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Airport Zoning Board, or other appropriate authorities, so as to bring about general conformity with regulations governing "Aircraft Approach and Airspace Areas".
   (c)   Public or Semipublic Service Buildings. Public or semipublic service buildings including hospitals, institutions or schools, when permitted in a district, may be erected to a height not exceeding 60 feet, and churches and temples may be erected to a height not exceeding seventy-five feet when the required side and rear yards are each increased by at least one foot for each one foot of additional building height above the height regulations for the district in which the building is located.
(Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)