(a)   Required Registration and Post Construction Monitoring.  All providers utilizing wireless telecommunication facilities shall present an annual registration report to Zoning Administrator notifying him of each wireless telecommunication facility located in The City of Fairborn per the requirements of Chapter 702, Business Regulations.  This registration will acknowledge whether the provider will discontinue use of the wireless telecommunication facilities in the upcoming year and the date this use will cease.  A report showing compliance with FCC guidelines on electromagnetic radiation emissions shall also be submitted with this registration.  Such reports shall be filed with the Zoning Administrator 30 days prior to the cessation date.
   (b)   Procedures for Abandonment.  If at any time the use of a wireless telecommunication facility is discontinued or the renewal of the annual registration has lapsed for 180 days, the Zoning Administrator or Building Inspector may declare the facility abandoned under the procedures outlined in the Fairborn Codified Ordinances as it relates to Abandonment of Abandoned Commercial Structures.  The 180-day period excludes any dormancy period between construction and the initial use of the facility.  If reactivation or dismantling does not occur, the City of Fairborn will either remove the facility or will contract to have the facility removed and assess the owner or operator the costs per the procedures established. 
(Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)