The following shall apply to all adult uses:
   (a)   The interior of the adult use shall be adequately lighted and constructed so that every portion thereof is readily visible to the clerk or other supervisory personnel from the counter or other regulation station.
   (b)   Lobby and entrance areas shall be designed so as to minimize obstruction during operating hours.
   (c)   Advertisements, displays, or other promotional materials shall not be shown or exhibited so as to be visible to the public, from pedestrian sidewalks or walkways or public thoroughfares, or from other areas, public or semipublic; and such displays shall be considered signs.
   (d)   Signs shall not advertise the presentation of any activity prohibited by Chapter 701 of the Codified Ordinances of Fairborn or other local or state regulation.
   (e)   All building openings, entries, window, etc., shall be located, covered or screened in such a manner as to prevent a view into the interior from any public or semipublic areas.  Adult drive-in theaters are expressly prohibited for their inability to obscure presentation of adult uses from neighboring properties and public thoroughfares.
   (f)   No screens, loudspeakers or sound equipment shall be used for an adult use that can be seen or discerned by the general public from public or semipublic areas or public thoroughfares.
   (g)   No adult use shall serve alcoholic beverages, either packaged, by the glass or by any other means, nor shall the adult use allow alcoholic beverages purchased at another location to be brought onto the premises.
   (h)   Adult uses shall not be permitted to operate from the hours of 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. of any particular day.
   (i)   No adult use shall be open at any time on any state or federal holiday.
   (j)   No animals except seeing-eye, guide, hearing, and service dogs, and other animals trained to assist disabled individuals shall be permitted at any time at or in any adult use.
   (k)   All restrooms shall be equipped with standard toilets, sinks, and other traditional lavatory facilities.  No adult materials or live performances shall be provided or allowed at any time in the restrooms of an adult use.  Separate male and female restrooms shall be provided for and used by employees and patrons.
   (l)   The exterior building walls shall be a single achromatic color of white, gray or black.
   (m)   Premise entries and off-street parking areas shall be illuminated from dusk until closing with a lighting system which provides an average maintained horizontal illumination of one foot candle of light on the parking surface and walkways.
   (n)   Upon application for conditional use, the applicant(s) shall also comply with the licensing and permitting requirements for adult uses and their employees as specified in Chapter 701 of the City of Fairborn Codified Ordinances.  Said licensing requirements shall be renewed annually.  Failure to comply with licensing requirements shall be grounds for revocation of conditional use approval.
   (o)   Floor coverings shall be nonporous, easily cleanable surfaces, with no rugs or carpeting.
   (p)   Wall surfaces and seating surfaces in any room or area shall be constructed of, or permanently covered by nonporous easily cleanable material.
   (q)   The floors, seats, walls and other public and private portions of any adult use shall be maintained clean and free from waste and bodily secretions. Presence of human excrement, urine, semen or saliva shall be evidence of improper maintenance and inadequate sanitary controls. Repeated instances of such conditions may justify suspension or revocation of the license to operate the adult use.
   (r)   The operator of an adult use shall not permit any doors on the premises to be locked during business hours and, in addition, the operator shall be responsible to see that any room or area on the premises shall be readily accessible at all times and shall be open to view in its entirety for inspection by any law enforcement official.
   (s)   Sufficient lighting shall be provided and equally distributed throughout public areas of the building interior so that all objects are plainly visible at all times.  A minimum lighting level of not less than 100 lux horizontal, measured at 30 inches from the floor and on 10-foot centers shall be maintained at all times for all areas where adult use patrons are admitted.
      (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)