The following provisions, standards and specifications shall apply:
   (a)   Air Pollution. No emission, dust, fume, mist, gas or vapor shall be permitted which can cause damage to health, animals, vegetation or other forms of property, or which can cause any excessive soiling, at any point as regulated by Air Pollution Control Regulation (A.P.C.R.) developed by Greene County General Health District (August 5, 1972 or as may be amended or replaced from time to time).
   (b)   Liquid or Solid Wastes.  No discharge shall occur at any point into any public sewer, private sewage disposal system, or stream, or into the ground, except in accordance with standards approved by the Greene County Health Department or the Ohio State Department of Health, or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as may be applicable.
   (c)   Fire & Explosive Hazards.  Storage, utilization, or manufacture of free-burning or intense-burning solid or liquid materials or products shall be prohibited in all zoning districts.  This prohibition shall apply also to materials producing flammable or explosive vapors or gases.
   (d)   Electrical Disturbances.  Activities emitting electrical disturbances affecting the operation of any equipment other than that of the creator of such disturbances shall be prohibited in all zoning districts.
   (e)   Glare, Heat and Exterior Light. Any operation producing intense light or heat, such as high temperature processes like combustion or welding, shall be performed within an enclosed building.  The operation shall not be visible beyond any lot line bounding the property whereon the use is conducted.  No lighting shall be positioned so as to extend light or glare onto adjacent properties or right of ways.
   (f)   Noise.
      (1)   Noise levels shall not exceed the following A-weighted decibel (DbA) levels:
Table 1125-1: Allowable Noise Levels
60DbA - 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
55DbA - 10:00 pm - 7:00 am
70 DbA
45 DbA
70 DbA
65 DbA
      (2)   These noise levels shall not be exceeded for more than fifteen (15) minutes during any continuously monitored, typical, 24-hour period.  Measurement shall be made from the edge of the zoning lot to the structure or noise source existing or proposed.
   (g)   Vibrations. No uses shall be located, and no equipment shall be installed, in such a way as to produce intense, earth-shaking vibrations which are discernible, without instruments, at the property lines of any premises.
      (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)