113.01  DUTIES.
   (a)    The City Clerk shall have the following duties:
      (1)    He shall be responsible for handling annexation documents as determined by laws of the State of Ohio.
      (2)    He shall maintain Council's approved rules and regulations.
      (3)    He shall be responsible for posting, publishing, advertising and certifying any Council legislation as may be required.
      (4)    He shall be responsible for the custody, maintenance, distribution and sale of copies of the Codified Ordinances, City Charter, ordinances, resolutions and other public documents of the City.
      (5)    He shall be responsible for recording Council meeting minutes and shall assure that the minutes are accessible, safe and permanent.
      (6)    He shall be responsible for certifying the sufficiency of initiative and referendum petitions and performing other acts as required by the Charter or laws of the State of Ohio.
      (7)    He shall be responsible for publishing and serving notices, taking minutes during hearings and maintaining records thereof.
      (8)    He shall perform the duties required by the laws of the State of Ohio to establish special assessment districts.
      (9)    He shall insure that approved legislation shall be authenticated by the signature of the Mayor and Clerk. The Clerk's seal and certification shall be used to certify or attest to genuineness.
      (10)    He shall participate as a member of the Municipal Records Commission to review records disposal lists submitted by offices of the City.
      (11)    He shall file with the Board of Elections necessary tax levies, issues, and initiative and referendum petitions for voter approval.
      (12)    He shall be present at all Council meetings or other meetings as may be required and attend to the needs of Council.
      (13)    He shall make available upon request Council minutes, ordinances, resolutions, agendas, publications and other records that may be maintained by City Clerk.
      (14)    He shall be responsible for the distribution of Financial Disclosure Statement forms to City officials.
      (15)    He shall be responsible for handling requests for liquor licenses and notifying the State as to the City's position on such requests.
      (16)    He shall perform such other duties that may be assigned to him by Council or the City Manager.
(Ord. 7-89. Passed 2-20-89.)