111.01  MEETINGS.
   (a)   Regular Meetings. The regular meeting of Council shall be held at 6:00 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each and every month, provided, however, that if the day of any regular meeting falls on January l (New Year's Day), the third Monday in January (Martin Luther King Day), the last Monday in May (Memorial Day), July 4 (Independence Day), the first Monday in September (Labor Day), November 11 (Veteran's Day), December 24 (Christmas Eve), December 25 (Christmas Day) or December 31 (New Year's Eve), such regular meeting of Council shall be held at 6:00 p.m. on the day following such holiday.
   (b)    Adjourned Meetings. Regular meetings may be adjourned from day to day, but if a regular meeting is adjourned to a day other than the day immediately following the regular meeting day, all members of Council absent from the regular meeting shall be given at least twelve hours' notice of such adjourned meeting, unless right to notice is waived in writing.
   (c)    Special Meetings. The Mayor or any four members of Council may call a special meeting for any time upon at least twelve hours' written notice to each member, served personally or left at his usual place of business, provided, however, that if all members of Council waive, in writing, their right to notice, a special meeting may be held without a waiting period.
   (d)    Notice of Special Meetings. The notice of a special meeting shall specify the particular business to be presented for consideration at such special meeting, and no action shall be taken on any business or legislation presented at such special meeting which is not specified in such notice, unless all members of Council are present.
   (e)    Rescheduled Meetings. Nothing herein shall prevent Council from rescheduling a regular meeting of Council provided that Council action is taken prior to the meeting proposed for rescheduling.
   (f)    Cancelled Meetings.  Council is authorized to cancel a regularly scheduled meeting for any reason it deems appropriate, provided that notice of the cancellation occurs prior to the regularly scheduled meeting, and Council meets at least once every month consistent with Charter Section 2.12.  In case of an emergency involving inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the Mayor is authorized to cancel a regularly scheduled meeting of Council. The business to be conducted at the meeting cancelled for the reasons involving an emergency shall be presented at the next regularly scheduled meeting or at a special meeting of Council. (Ord. 17-14.  Passed 5-19-14.)