Whenever in these Codified Ordinances, or in any ordinances of the City, any act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful or an offense or a misdemeanor, or whenever in such Codified Ordinances, or other ordinance the doing of any act is required or the failure to do any act is declared to be unlawful, where no specific penalty is provided therefor, the violator of any such provision shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars ($50.00). Except where otherwise provided, each day any violation of any provision of these Codified Ordinances, or any ordinance, continues shall constitute a separate offense.
   In any and all such cases, in addition to any penalty, fine or punishment provided in the Codified Ordinances, or in any ordinance of the City, the court costs shall be taxed or assessed in each and every case against the person so convicted, and any such person shall be liable for the court costs in such cases as provided by law.
(Ord. 37-55. Passed 8-15-55.)