(a)    Creation, Change and Abolishment of Departments. The Council by ordinance may create, change and abolish City departments, divisions or agencies and may prescribe the functions of each.
   (b)    Direction by City Manager. All departments, divisions and agencies under the direction and supervision of the City Manager shall be administered by an officer appointed by and subject to the direction and supervision of the City Manager. With the consent of Council, the City Manager may serve as the head of one or more such departments, divisions or agencies or may appoint one person as the head of two or more of them.
   (c)   Official Bonds. The Director of Finance and such other officers or employees as the Council may by general ordinance require to do so, shall give bond in such amount and with such surety as may be approved by the Council. The premiums of such bonds shall be paid by the City.
   (d)   Fees. All fees received by any office or employee shall belong to the City government and shall be paid daily to the Department of Finance.