(a)    Number of Councilpersons. Commencing on the first Monday of December, 1973, there shall be a City Council consisting of six Councilpersons and the Mayor elected by the qualified electors of the City at large, but until such date the City Council shall consist of five Councilpersons.
   (b)    Eligibility. Only qualified electors of the City who can fulfill the requirements of Section 7.02 for nominations shall be eligible to hold the office of Councilperson.
   (c)    Election and Terms of Councilpersons. The regular election of Councilpersons shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November, 1973, and in each odd numbered year thereafter in the manner provided in Article VII. At the first regular election under this Charter four Councilpersons shall be elected; the three candidates receiving the first, second and third largest number of votes shall serve for terms of four years, and the candidate receiving the fourth largest number of votes shall serve for a term of two years. The two Councilpersons serving an unexpired term shall continue their terms for a period of two years. Commencing at the next regular election and at all subsequent regular elections, three Councilpersons shall be elected to serve for a four-year term. The terms of Councilpersons shall begin on the first Monday in December after their election. Members of Council shall continue to serve in office until their successors are elected and qualified.