(a)    Regular Care.  The purchase price of a lot provides regular care which includes such services as scheduled grass mowing, trimming, tree and shrubbery trimming, seeding, fertilizing and road maintenance. Owners shall not be provided special or preferential treatment of their lots beyond such scheduled services. The City always wants to see the lot owners well satisfied with lot care but shall make a charge for any extra services in addition to such normal scheduled services.
   (b)    Special Care.  This service provides extra attention and care for the particular items in which an owner is especially interested. The cost of such special maintenance varies in accordance with the amount and type of labor and materials required.
      (1)    Evergreens are not permitted.
      (2)    The planting of flowers, flower pots or bushy plants is prohibited; and
      (3)    The planting of trees, shrubs or flowers on graves is prohibited.
(Ord. 13-03.  Passed 5-5-03.)