(a)    Planting of flowers, flower pots, evergreens or bushy plants is strictly prohibited.
   (b)    The cutting and trimming of grass is one of the largest and most costly maintenance activities of the cemetery. For economy of maintenance during the growing, it is desired that flowers be placed on graves only in approved subsurface containers.
   (c)    The City shall have the right to remove all floral designs, flowers and other decorations of any kind from the cemetery if, in the judgment of the Plant Maintenance Supervisor, they do not conform to the standards set forth herein.
   (e)    Decorations placed upon lots and graves on special holidays during the growing season such as Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, etc., shall be removed after a period of seven days to avoid the burning of the grass.
   (f)   Winter decorations, such as natural wreaths placed on easels, and other approved arrangements shall be permitted from November 1 to April 1.
      (1)   Winter decorations shall be removed when they become unsightly.
      (2)    All winter decorations shall be removed early in April.
   (g)    Articles made of concrete, benches, urns, boxes or the like shall not be permitted in the cemetery.
(Ord. 13-03.  Passed 5-5-03.)