(a)    Fairfield Cemetery shall be maintained and operated as a nonprofit ground interment facility which is nonsectarian.
   (b)    The cemetery shall be closed from sundown to sunup.
   (c)    The City shall be responsible only for markers and items installed to City specifications and approval pursuant to City ordinances.
   (d)    The cemetery ground shall be sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead.
   (e)    All work in the cemetery shall be done by employees of the City, or with the permission of the Plant Maintenance Supervisor.
   (f)   No pets shall be allowed in the cemetery at any time.
   (g)    All visitors’ vehicles shall remain on the driveways.
   (h)    All debris, discarded flowers or decorations shall be placed in trash containers.
   (i)    Artificial flowers may be placed on graves between November 1 and April 1.
   (j)   Visitors shall not remove, cut, deface or destroy cemetery or City property.
   (k)    Recreational use of the cemetery is prohibited.
   (l)    No advertising shall be allowed in the cemetery.
(Ord. 13-03.  Passed 5-5-03.)