(a)   Automatic Dialing or Calling Devices.  Fire alarm systems that automatically dial or call the Fire Department shall be called on a special telephone line or communications circuit designated by the Fire Department and shall comply with the following:
      (1)   Total length of the recorded message being transmitted to the Fire Department Communication Center (including repetition of message) shall not exceed forty-five seconds duration.
      (2)   The recorded message transmitted shall be repeated not less than three nor more than four times and shall have an automatic abort feature to ensure this requirement.
      (3)   The recorded message being transmitted shall incorporate language specifically identifying the message as a "recording" with the balance of the message identifying by street number and street name the location of the emergency and the nature of the event which caused the alarm system to activate.  If the location of the event/condition signaled by the alarm system is a multi-tenant, multi-family or a commercial building containing multiple floors, the message shall identify the location of the activated device or location of the system annunciator.
      (4)   All alarm systems having automatic dialing or calling devices that are not connected to an approved central station monitoring service shall transmit the alarm message directly to the Fire Department.  If the automatic dialing or calling device has multiple notification capability, the first notification of a fire or medical emergency shall be transmitted to the Fire Department.
      (5)   The recorded message being transmitted to the Fire Department shall be appropriate for the purpose for which the alarm system was installed, and the message in its entirety shall be intelligible and spoken in the English language.
   (b)   Combination Burglar/Fire Alarm Systems.  Combination burglar (security, robbery, intrusion) alarm systems and fire alarm systems shall meet the provisions of this code for that portion of the system that is designed for fire or medical conditions.  The use of an alarm circuit for both fire and burglar detection devices shall be prohibited.
   (c)   Listed/Approved Fire Alarm Systems.  All fire alarm systems shall be listed for the use intended by a nationally recognized test laboratory.  The use of noncommercial fire alarm systems in commercial buildings shall be prohibited.
   (d)   Resetting.  All fire and medical alarms shall have the ability to reset themselves within fifteen minutes, once the fire or medical condition has been eliminated.
   (e)   Outside Audible Alarms.  All outside audible devices that are connected to a fire alarm system other than a combination burglar fire alarm system shall have a sign in one inch letters stating:
      "Fire Alarm System"
      "Contact the Fire Department"
   (f)   Instructions.  Every alarm business selling, leasing, installing or furnishing to any user a fire or medical alarm system which is installed on premises located within the City, shall furnish the user with a complete set of instructions that provide information that shall enable the user to operate and reset the alarm system properly and provide detailed information on how to obtain service for the alarm system at any time.
(Ord. 54-93.  Passed 8-16-93.)