1301.06  DRAINAGE.
   (a)   Whenever the natural grade or drainage of any lot or land or the grade or drainage thereof existing at the effective date of this section is hereafter changed in any way by excavation, filling, grading or other means, provision shall promptly be made for draining surface water from such lot or land so that no substantially new or different burden of receiving such water shall be imposed upon any adjacent property without the prior written permission of the owner thereof in the form of a recorded easement, and provision shall likewise promptly be made to receive such water at such points as the same may flow upon such lot or land from adjacent property and to accommodate such water to the same extent as existed just prior to such change.
   (b)   No abandoned wells, and no pits, holes, gullies or other depressions in which surface water may accumulate and be retained at any point or may accumulate and stagnate or result in injury to adjoining property shall be created or permitted to exist on any lot or land.  Any such conditions shall be promptly abated by providing catch basins or properly connected underdrains or other adequate drainage or by filling, and where necessary, shall also promptly be protected by the erection of an adequate barricade or fence.
(Ord. 15-92.  Passed 3-16-92.)