The subdivider shall construct all necessary facilities; including underground pipe, inlets, catch basins or open drainage ditches with improved cross sections as determined by the City Engineer; to provide for the adequate disposal of subsurface and surface water, and maintenance of natural drainage courses.
   Storm drainage, including drain tile around basements, shall not be permitted to discharge into any sanitary sewer facility, but shall connect to an adequate drainage outlet. All storm sewer and open drainage ditches shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the City of Fairborn Standard Drawings and Construction and Materials Specifications. As part of the construction drawings, a grading plan shall be furnished with detailed information shown as required by the City Engineer. Grading costs shall be included with the performance bond or certified check.
   Drainage channels, including banks and an area of adequate width to permit proper maintenance of such channels, shall be dedicated and maintained by the applicable government agency.
(Ord. 7-77. Passed 4-18-77.)