(a)   No person shall construct or repair any public sidewalk, curb or driveway approach in the City without first obtaining a permit from the City Engineer, or his authorized delegate. Application for a permit shall be made on a form provided by the City and accompanied by a sketch or plans for construction or repair.
   (b)   The City Manager shall approve a schedule of fees in accordance with the
type and size of the job to be performed.  On or about January 1st of each year, the City Engineer shall review and appropriately revise the fees and shall remain in effect until the City’s next annual modification.
   (c)   The fee shall be payable in advance and is nonrefundable. The permit shall not be transferable to another party or used for a project site other than described in the application.
   (d)   The permit shall be valid for sixty days and the work shall be completed within that time, unless an earlier completion date has been ordered pursuant to Section 903.01. At the discretion of the City Engineer, one sixty-day extension may be granted.
(Ord. 3-06.  Passed 1-17-06.)