All taxicab owners shall:
   (a)    Provide taxicab service on a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week basis.
   (b)    Maintain a business office which shall be kept open at all times to receive calls and dispatch taxicabs.
   (c)    Respond to all requests for service as soon as possible, and in the event that service cannot be furnished within a reasonable time, the operator shall inform the prospective passenger of the reason for the delay and how long it will be before the service can be furnished.
   (d)    Accept requests for service anywhere within the City when taxicabs are available for such service. Failure or refusal, except for conditions beyond the control of the owner, to furnish continuous service, shall be deemed a violation of this section, and the taxicab owner’s license may be suspended or revoked pursuant to the provisions of Section 731.12.
      (Ord. 24-94.  Passed 7-5-94.)