731.14  RATES OF FARE.
   (a)    No taxicab owner or driver shall charge any fare for taxicab service in excess of the following:
      (1)    For the first one-tenth mile - two dollars ($2.00) and for each subsequent one-tenth mile - twenty cents ($.20).
      (2)    For the first mile - three dollars ($3.00).
      (3)    Any contractual agreement between the cab company and any group, organization, association, etc.
      (4)    For each package (luggage optional) - ten cents ($.10) each when handled by driver.
      (5)    For each minute of waiting time - twenty-five cents ($.25).
   (b)    Each taxicab operator shall adjust the taximeter on each of his/her taxicabs in such a manner that it shall indicate the fare due on each trip to be not in excess of the fare provided for the distance in the schedule of maximum rates herein prescribed.
(Ord.  46-04.  Passed 11-1-04.)