An applicant for the initial issuance or renewal of a taxicab driver's license shall meet the following requirements:
   (a)    Be an American citizen, or a person who has been granted permanent residency by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, and be able to speak and read the English language;
   (b)    Be eighteen or more years of age;
   (c)    Be in sound physical condition, have good eyesight and not subject to any infirmity, defect or disorder of mind or body which might reasonably render him/her unfit for the safe carrying out of the duties of driving a taxicab, as determined by the Chief of Police from all reliable medical, psychological or health information supplied by the driver or other persons concerning the driver's physical or mental condition. The qualifications in this subsection shall be supported by an affidavit of the applicant.
   (d)    Possess a working knowledge of the traffic laws of the City and the State of Ohio; and
   (e)    Possess a valid operator's license issued by the State of Ohio.
(Ord. 24-94.  Passed 7-5-94.)