A vehicle submitted for the initial issuance or renewal of a taxicab vehicle license shall meet the following requirements:
   (a)   Be properly licensed with the State of Ohio.
   (b)   Prior to the use and operation of any vehicle as a taxicab under the provisions of this chapter, the vehicle shall be thoroughly examined and inspected by a licensed dealer and found to comply with all of the applicable provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and these Codified Ordinances regarding vehicle equipment and maintenance, so as to ensure safety.
   (c)   All taxicab owners and taxicab drivers shall maintain their equipment in good mechanical condition at all times and shall not operate such vehicle with any defect that would tend to affect the safe operation of such vehicle.
   (d)   The Chief of Police shall from time to time cause to be made an inspection of all taxicabs.  If any taxicab shall be found to be unsafe or unfit for the transportation of passengers, or in an unclean or unsanitary condition, notice shall be given to the taxicab owner and/or driver therefor, and no person shall operate such taxicab in taxicab service until it has been put in safe and fit condition and reinspected and approved for use in such service.
   (e)   No taxicab covered by the provisions of Section 731.01 through 731.26 shall be licensed whose color scheme, or whose name, monogram or insignia to be used thereon is in conflict with, or, in the opinion of the Chief of Police, imitates a color scheme, monogram, name or insignia used by any other taxicab operator, or is such as to mislead or tend to deceive the public.
   (f)   The full name, monogram or insignia of the taxicab owner shall be conspicuously displayed on each side and rear of each taxicab, in letters at least three inches high or, in the case of a monogram or insignia not less than eight inches high.
   (g)   Prior to the issuance of a taxicab owner’s license, the owner shall present a color photograph of the color scheme, name, monogram, or insignia of the taxicab to be licensed to the Chief of Police.
      (Ord. 39-07.  Passed 10-1-07.)