(a)    No person, company or corporation shall operate a taxicab company within the City without first obtaining a tab owners license to do so, as hereinafter provided, except for the right of ingress and egress with any taxicab for the purpose of conveying and discharging passengers whose passage originates outside the City, provided the operator of such taxicab is duly licensed by another municipality.
   (b)     No taxicab shall be operated without first having procured a taxicab vehicle license from the City.
   (c)     No taxicab shall be operated by a driver without first having procured a taxicab drivers license for such purpose from the City and a valid operators license issued by the State of Ohio.
   (d)     This section shall not apply to any person, company or corporation if the following apply:
      (1)   They are licensed to provide taxicab services by another municipal corporation located in the State of Ohio; and
      (2)   The Chief of Police files documentation with the City Manager stating he or she is unaware of any licensed person, company or corporation providing  this service with the City of Fairborn.
         (Ord. 39-07.  Passed 10-1-07.)