No licensee, driver of a motorbus or any person being a passenger thereon shall do any one of the following things:
   (a)    Drive or operate any such motorbus while any passenger or other person is standing upon a running board, fender, mud guard or other outside part of such vehicle.
   (b)    Operate a motorbus while any passenger or other person or thing obstructs in any manner the view of the driver thereof.
   (c)    Place or do anything so as to obstruct the view of the driver.
   (d)   Smoke while the motorbus is in operation or waiting to receive or discharge passengers.
   (e)    Refuse to carry any person who properly applied for passage on such motorbus unless the same is loaded to capacity as hereinbefore provided.
   (f)    If, owing to any accident or other cause, such motorbus is unable to promptly continue a trip on its regular route within five minutes, no fare shall be collected from any passenger thereon, unless the bus operator shall otherwise provide for transportation of its passengers.
   (g)    Operate a motorbus without having on hand at all times at least one pair of skid chains and a fire extinguisher so placed as to be easily within reach of the driver thereof.
   (h)    Occupy or permit any person to occupy the driver's seat along with the driver.
   (i)    Honk or call for passengers from the street or curb. Any solicitation for trade except by display of sign on the motorbus, as hereinbefore provided, is hereby prohibited; the starting of such busses upon trips by calling, whistling or the use of any noise-making device is prohibited, it being the intention of this chapter that busses shall follow their regular route upon schedules and without stops in the congested or business district, provided that stops may be made in the congested or business district for the purpose of receiving and discharging passengers.
   (j)    Receive any money or other thing of value in behalf of or from any passenger on a bus licensed hereunder, or provide and carry upon any such bus a coin box or other receptacle with the obvious intention that a passenger may deposit money or any other thing of value therein, as pay for a ride on such bus, provided such bus carries a sign to the effect that the same is for the purpose of furnishing free transportation.
   (k)    Expectorate or spit upon the floors, walls or any part of such bus, or violate any sanitary law in connection with the operation of a bus for the protection of the health of bus drivers and passengers, or commit any nuisance therein.
      (Ord. 1-53. Passed 1-5-53.)