Any bus licensed hereunder shall be constructed and at all times maintained in a safe and proper manner, capable of safely carrying twenty-five percent in excess of its capacity number of passengers and the means of ingress and egress thereto by doors, steps and otherwise shall be of such a character as to permit an easy ingress and egress; any such bus shall be kept in safe condition at all times and shall be kept clean and in sanitary condition at all times, all to the satisfaction of the Health Officer with reference to sanitary conditions and to the satisfaction of the City Manager with reference to the construction and maintenance of any such bus, so that the same may be at all times in good and safe condition for operation. It is hereby made the duty of the Health Officer to inspect all motorbusses licensed hereunder at such intervals as may be necessary to enforce the proper sanitary regulations and it is hereby made the duty of the City Manager to have all licensed motorbusses inspected at such intervals as may be found necessary.
   Failure by any licensee to comply with the orders of either the Health Officer or the City Manager, following any inspection authorized by this section, shall be reported to Council, which shall thereupon summon such licensee before it at its next regular or any succeeding regular meeting to show cause why the license should not be revoked. If, upon such hearing, Council determines that public interest requires that such license be revoked, such order therefor shall be transmitted to the City Clerk.
(Ord. 1-53. Passed 1-5-53.)