No person, licensed pursuant to this chapter, shall operate any motorbus in the City on any route other than the route provided by such license, and no such licensee shall fail or refuse to operate any motorbus over the whole of such route from one terminus to the other upon each trip, nor shall he neglect, fail or refuse to comply with any requirement or condition of any ordinance or regulation of the City with respect to motorbus routes, including the terms and conditions of the license issued, for any such bus. No person shall neglect, fail or refuse to operate any motorbus, licensed pursuant to this chapter over the route specified in such license, according to the time schedule fixed in Council's approval of the route, or neglect, fail or refuse to make any trip required by such schedule, in the absence of a good and sufficient reason therefor to the effect that the motorbus required to make such trip was not at that time in fit mechanical condition therefor, or was otherwise incapacitated so as to render the use thereof unsafe to passengers or to other persons upon the public streets.
(Ord. 1-53. Passed 1-5-53.)