Any person who has accepted a motorbus route, established as herein provided, may, within thirty days after such acceptance, file with the Clerk an application for a license to operate over such route, which application shall set forth the number of busses to be operated, together with seating capacity, name, factory number, State motor vehicle license number and horse power of each motorbus for which a license is desired, and shall state how the same are heated and lighted and give the number and exact location of each exit of each motorbus, and shall pay to the City Clerk a license fee for each motorbus such applicant proposes to operate regularly over such route, which fee shall be determined as follows:
At the rate of three dollars ($3.00) per capita seating capacity of each bus having a seating capacity of twenty-five or less passengers; at the rate of four dollars ($4.00) per capita seating capacity of each such bus having a seating capacity of more than twenty-five passengers.
   Thereupon, the City Clerk shall issue such license which shall run for one year from the date thereof and shall authorize the licensee to operate motorbusses over such route during such period pursuant to this chapter and subject to the provisions of this chapter, or any amendment hereto, or of any other City ordinance or State law regulating motorbusses, or applicable thereto. If the licensee shall thereafter desire to place in operation additional busses over such route, he shall make application for a license for each such motorbus, paying the fees herein provided, if such additional busses are to be placed in regular operation over such route, except that if such application is made within six months prior to the expiration of the annual license then in effect, the fee therefor shall be at one-half the regular rate.
(Ord. 1-53. Passed 1-5-53.)